December 5, 2013

November 9, 2013
FM & Sergej Snooze - Dream Our Wave EP in rotation

Knob magazine

Dj Kenshi chart

Chille Jr. - Night Moves 54th (03-11-2013)@Fnoob House Radio

P Man Show Halloween Aftermath - 11/1/2013

Tunnel FM Chart - Top 20!

http://www.fritz de/ radio - Nightlife

Neo Violence #7 by dMIT.RY

Sub FM Foster 28.10.2013 - Neu in der Rota­tion — 43/2013


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October 26, 2013
HMES007 Davor O - Mountain Wind w/Marko Nastic and Liquid Level in Shops

Davor single with amazing remixes from two techno legends from this area of globe, Marko Nastic and Liquid Level hit the shops.

Here are links




October 26, 2013
Predrag Iv made us a super video

Predrag made us really happy by contacting us and doing a video of our track. Such a things make us happy and motivate to do what we do.

Predrag youtube channel 

October 26, 2013
Davor O - Mountain Wind feedbacks

Quite nice feedback on Davor O release. Thnx to our friends from Pull Proxy.

October 1, 2013
HMES007 Davor O - Mountain Wind w/Marko Nastic and Liquid Level

Home Made original pioneer Davor O introduces another autumn/winter soundtrack called ”Mountain wind”, featuring remixes from Belgrade’s DJ hero Marko Nastic and Liquid Level, a minimal/dub author from Zagreb. The original track arouses a typical Davor O atmosphere, dark and mystical. Hard to categorize, which is also another characteristic of this author, the tracks stands somewhere between dub techno, minimal and electronica. The electronica part especially comes to light in the Liquid Level interpretation and on the other hand, the dancefloor elements are exposed in Marko Nastic’s version. ”Mountain Wind” also features an unusual live version of the track.

September 21, 2013
This interview is close to our small manifesto - thnx 2 Sergiu Celibidache


Full interview

Why Cosmos is Home Made ?

September 20, 2013
Music for Batteries - Part One and Part Two in shops


Beatport - Part One and Part Two

Juno - Part One and Part Two

iTunes - Part One and Part Two


August 17, 2013
HMES006 Sergej Snooze & Igor Son pres. Iva Viskovic - Lose Myself

August 7, 2013
Igor Brzovic - Backwards on Rob Pearson Dirty Little Beats Chart


Igor track from Music from Batteries compilation found place on Rob Pearson Dirty Little Beats Chart